HIV/AIDS Children Nutrition Program

Among all the development workers of our society, a concern always works to support those numerous people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali (PSM) in collaboration with Clinton Foundation started a project to make sure that the effective support and treatment goes to those children who are fighting with HIV/AIDS. In this HIV/AIDS initiative program, some of the AIDS children are being supported by Give India as well as some of our local donors.

Initially, we started with 40 children in the Khammam district, however, now the number has reached to 110 children throughout Khammam. With this HIV/AIDS initiative program we make sure that their CD4 counting is done at regular interval and it improves with each count. We also ensure that they are getting their daily dose of ART medicines. Apart from healthcare, with our intervention they are attending school regularly to shape a better future.

We have also been mobilized for necessary testing and have been supported with medicines and nutritional support. This activity is implemented in coordination with the NGOs, social activists and CBOs working with the effected and for the effected.

With the HIV/AIDS children nutrition Program, apart from providing medicines and nutrition to the AIDS suffering children, we counsel their parents to come out of the shell and overcome the social stigma.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life